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Annual Meeting and Conference
19-21 October 2018
Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bengaluru 560029

Liberative Ethics: Contextual Reflections from India
Call for Papers

In light of the discussions in the 2017 AMTI meeting, we have selected “Liberative Ethics: Contextual Reflections from India” as the theme for the annual meeting and conference of AMTI to be held from 19 to 21 October 2018 at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore. In spite of the progress that India has made, a considerable number of Indians remain poor, oppressed and discriminated. We believe that liberation from oppression, exploitation and discrimination was central to Jesus’ message. How this liberative message challenges the Indian situation? How the poor, the oppressed and the discriminated see and experience the liberating message of Jesus? How does the liberative message of Jesus inspire our moral theological reflection, teaching and action? In our ministry as ethicists, do we have a ‘preferential option’ for the poor? In the Indian context, we may find discrimination and oppression in different forms and ways: Economic poverty; discrimination based on caste, gender, religion, language; exploitation of the masses by political parties; unjust and exploitative structures, etc. The papers may present ethical perspectives on any of such oppression, discrimination or exploitation. Although papers on ethical perspectives in general are welcome, more suitable would be papers on particular contexts or issues.

1. As usual, the keynote address shall be given by an expert in the field, who may not be a moral theologian.
2. Each paper will have 20 minutes for presentation.
3. Each session will have two or three papers [depending on the total number of papers received]. After the presentation of all the papers in a session,
there will be 30 minutes for discussion on the papers.
4. One session can be arranged as a Panel Discussion.
5. Posters on the theme also are welcome. We shall exhibit the posters on the first day itself, and allot specific timings for the presentation of the posters and interaction.
6. Besides the sessions for paper presentation, we shall have one or two sessions for group discussion. In one of those sessions we shall take up questions of urgent concerns
[apart from the main theme]; if we manage to have two sessions for group discussion, in the second session we shall take up a few questions based on the main theme.
Or, we shall also take up some questions related to our ministry of teaching moral theology. These details can be worked later.
7. Please send the title/topic of your paper latest by 30 June 2018. Along with the title, please send also an abstract in 100 words. This may help us to finalize the schedule as well as to avoid too many repetitions of the same topic. The full text of the presentation [1800 to 2000 words only] shall be sent latest by 15 September 2018.
8. We would like to request you present a paper or poster, so that we may have as many presentations as possible.
9. Your suggestions are indeed valuable. So, if you have suggestions regarding the dynamics of the conference, other initiatives to be taken, please feel free to write to any of us.

George Kodithottam, John Karuvelil, Vimala Chenginimattam, Chris Vimalraj, Shaji George Kochuthara (members of the academic committee) and Augustine Kallely (Secretary, AMTI)

The conference sessions shall take place at the DVK Central Library. Accommodation is arranged in the DVK Research Centre and Christ University Guest House. We have booked rooms for 50 people. Of these 30 rooms are single, and 10 rooms are shared. All rooms are bath attached. The charges per day for boarding and lodging will be Rs.500 per person (Room 250+food 250). No difference in the charges for single or shared rooms. So, the first 30 will get single rooms; others the shared rooms. Those who do not need the room shall pay for food only (Rs.250 per day).

N.B. We have booked the rooms from 19th to 21st only. There is another programme [Annual meeting of the Canon Law Society of India] beginning on 22nd. So, we will have to vacate the rooms by 21st evening. If someone needs to stay longer, please contact Shaji Kochuthara personally.