The first formal meeting of some moral theologians teaching in different seminaries took place at St. Peter’s Seminary, Bangalore from 28th to 29th September 1985. Those who were present for the meeting included Thomas Pazhayampallil sdb, Thomas Vazhappally (later bishop of Mysore), X. D. Selvaraj, Thomas Srampickal and Clement Campos. The idea of founding an association was discussed in detail and a decision was made to initiate steps to form the association. A draft of the statutes of the proposed association was also drawn up. The purposes originally envisaged were:
1. to be a unifying body of Indian moral theologians
2. to be a forum for study and shared thinking
3. to be a forum for common planning and united action about morally relevant issues

The Founding of the Association
After the initial meeting of a small group in 1985, the next meeting took place from 13th to 16th October 1988. The venue was Dhyana Ashram, Madras (Chennai). Twenty four moral theologians participated in the meeting. The theme for study and discussion was Social Sin. The papers presented there later formed part of the book, “Social sin, its challenges to Christian life” edited by S. Arokiasamy, and Felix Podimattam. This book was dedicated to Fr. George V. Lobo.
The statutes of the proposed association were discussed and approved by the participants present and the Association of Moral Theologians of India formally came into existence on 16 October 1988.